Jacquesson Vertical Wood Box 745, 740, Champ Cain 2009

Vertical Box One Of One (unique edition) hand painted by Teo KayKay.

The box must to be considered as unique artwork. This box include exclusive digital contents made during the painting session that will be sent after purchase via email with a zip file

The box includes:

  • Wood Box
  • 3 Bottles in vertical (745, 740, Champ Cain 2009)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Signature
  • Warranty Seal Sticker
  • Authenticity Sticker
  • Blockchain Certificate
  • Exclusive Digital Contents

Attention: this is a piece of art 100% handmade, This product is a collectible artwork 100% handmade. Any particular details in the drawings are to be considered a characteristic sign of craftsmanship.

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