Teo KayKay is the first street artist to have merge Champagne and Blockchain, creating the world's first NFTs in the Champagne sector.

All the bottles customized by Teo KayKay are One of One (a unique piece).
However, several imitations and copies appeared in 2020.

 Verisart Champagne
From July 2021 Teo KayKay certifies his custom champagnes through the Blockchain technology that allows to guarantee the real authenticity of his works because it is able to guarantee and certify the complete history of creation and registration.

Parallel to the delivery of the physical bottle with the paper certificate of authenticity, the collector will also automatically receive by email the digital certificate verified by one of the most important verifying bodies in the world.

Using Blockchain technology Teo KayKay certifies the work through what is called "Timestamp".

This technology allows you to publicly authenticate that the work is real and helps to guarantee its increase in value over time because it is absolutely not replicable or reproducible.

The blockchain is designed to manage so-called smart contracts , which are similar to notarial registrations of contracts.

This certification manages the registration of the sale and the certification of authenticity of the works of Teo KayKay with the same security features of the transactions.

This technology adds an extra layer of security over paper certificates of authenticity.

Champagne Blockchain