Teo KayKay Salon 2007 Uncle Scrooge in Titanium colors that change color based on the light position.

With this bottle is included an NFT spinning card too.

After the purchase of the bottle, the ownership of the digital paper will also be sent and verified through Blockchain technology.

Unique edition bottle, handmade in full street art style. Each edition is "One of One", a unique piece of art for bubble and street art lovers. 

This bottle include:

  • Box
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • Original Signature
  • Original Seal Tag
  • Black Sticker of Authenticity
  • NFT Collectible Spinning Card
  • Blockchain Certificate of Ownership

You can see the NFT card here at this link

Attention: This product is a collectible artwork handmade. Any particular details in the drawings are to be considered a characteristic sign of handmade work.

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