Teo KayKay is the first Street Artist (since 1996)  to have customized only bottles of champagne (as you can read on Wikipedia)

Teo KayKay is also as well the first Italian Street Artist to have created a connection between the world of champagne and NFT.

He painted champagne bottles for: Usher, Lil Pump, Sfera Ebbasta, Gigio Donnarumma, Andrea Petagna, , Daniele Bossari, Rudy Zerbi, Raige, Strano Gemelli Diversi, Top Champagne, Davide Lacerenza and for Hollywood actors as Stephen Dorff.

He has created important collections as the Giulio Ferrari Edizione Italia for Signorvino, or the anniversary edition for the Tour Eiffel with De Venoge.

He always appears with his face covered because he wants people to stay focused on his art and not on his face.

His personalized champagne bottles can be found in New York, Berlin, Milan, Rome, London, Paris, Ginevra, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Miami.

He loves to contaminate the champagne world with graffiti , transferring street art to luxury champagne.

Teo KayKay collaborates directly with the champagne maisons and actively participates in charity activities for abandoned cats.

Teo KayKay as a customized champagne artist holds records such as:

  • Champagne custom with Street Art,
  • Champagne Wizard that change colors in the ice,
  • Champagne Flumus Phantom that change color at natural light and on which it is possible to draw with a laser which then disappears,
  • Crypto Champange with NFT art and certificates via blockchain.
  • In 2020 he publishes his first catalog "Teo KayKay Catalog - A Kind Of".
  • In 2021 he publishes his second catalog "A Small Collection Of Custom Champagne.
  • In 2022 he publishes his first book "Custom Bottles Book.

Street Art Warehouse is the only store where champagne meets street art creating a perfect union between the world of luxury and street art.

We strongly invite you to be wary of imitations or copies of his works.

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