Manifesto Fine Prints


The interpretation of moments of life.

A collection of 8 Fine Prints created at an altitude of 10,000 meters with A.I. and made in just 10 copies per subject.

From the subjects to the packaging design, from the collection logo to the secret map and communication.

A project developed with artificial intelligence, which combines the technology and craftsmanship of my manual drawings.

I entered into the art world by creating the first “custom champagnes” in the world.

This has allowed me to grow, get noticed and start making a name for myself.

However, I believe that an artist should not remain anchored to a single type of art or to what he is known for.

I believe instead that he should continually explore new frontiers, techniques, styles and above all evolve without fear of denaturalizing himself or of what he thinks people.

My Fine Prints are artistic prints, created with Artificial Intelligence to which I added a hand-drawn part.

They are printed in Italy on 100% cotton paper, by one of the few Italian printers certified and authorized to print fine prints, so much so that the prints themselves are authenticated with binary codes by the printer even before they are delivered to me.

Through the "Fine Prints" project, I reinterpret the concept of "moment", signing a special event or situation that I experience and in which people can see each other again.

I call it the "rollback ” of a post or video on social media but which can be communicated without filters or dictates of social networks, without giving importance to likes, followers and comments but only to emotions.

The first collection called "FROM THE AIRPLANE" for example and was created on a plane between Milan and New York and back.

Each fine print has a subject with a meaning which in turn has a story, a reason why it was created.

It can be collected for the message it represents or simply (as I often say) "collect it because like it".

The common thread between the Fine Prints and my bottles of champagne can be found in some elements or styles such as diamonds, graffiti, fantasy and the colours. But they are not always linked to the world of champagne.

Above all as regards the moments, the innovative and disruptive ideas that are part of me and my creative projects as I did with NFTs and Art Toys.


As always in my projects I add that "game" which, in the case of the first collection, includes a secret map with the creation points of the works and which gives the right to receive a secret print for those who complete the entire collection of 8 pieces.

I personally take care of every detail, starting from the basic idea, passing through the prints up to the packaging.

I want to communicate all my creative side and my imagination without barriers, limits or prejudices.

That same creative and innovative side that today allows me to sign the creative direction of important projects and brands.

Fine Prints are perfect for all types of environments (homes, offices, hotels, restaurants), for personal collections or as unusual gifts.

They are versatile and allow everyone to us to see ourselves (even only partially) in that message, expressing ourselves or even just for a pure aesthetic taste.