Mega-Bunny in brushed and scratched green chromed plastic.

The Mega-Bunny has designed Teo KayKay's classic hearts and diamonds made with sprays and contains a special surprise inside.

The surprise will be revealed via a secret paper contained inside the Mega-Bunny which will allow you to unlock your surprise and which will be sent to you after ownership of the Mega-Bunny has been verified.

The surprise value is a secret.

Together with the purchase of the Mega-Bunny you will also receive via email with a zip file exclusive digital content not published by Teo KayKay on social networks and made only for the owner of the Mega-Bunny.

Mega-Bunny measurements:

Height (from ears to legs) 90cm

Width (from nose to tail) 85cm

Thickness (thigh to thigh) 50cm

Weight about 5kg