Taittinger Nocturne Dollars Flumus with NFT


AJOUTER DU TEXTE PERSONNALISÉ (Le texte sera inséré au verso ou sur le côté selon les espaces).

Taittinger Nocturne Dollars Flumus, realized using, acrylic paint, spray paint and markers

One of One bottle, hand painted in Street Art Style. A unique piece of art for who loves champagne and art.

One of One and 100% handmade 

This bottle includes also a NFT version visibile at this link

The bottle includes:

  • Coffret
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Signature
  • Warranty Seal Sticker
  • Authenticity Sticker

Attention: this is a piece of art 100% handmade, This product is a collectible artwork 100% handmade. Any particular details in the drawings are to be considered a characteristic sign of craftsmanship.

View this product in your space with augmented reality

To receive the NFT version it will be necessary to provide the wallet address (e.g. 0x1ed3 ...). Once the wallet address (such as Metamask) or the Opensea profile, Rarible etc ... has been provided, the NFT will be transferred..
If you do not have a digital wallet or a profile on an NFT site, the version of this bottle will be sold separately.

To light on the bottle you must to use a UV lamp