Cristal 2012 Wizard Color Da Bianco A Arancio Teo Kaykay


AJOUTER DU TEXTE PERSONNALISÉ (Le texte sera inséré au verso ou sur le côté selon les espaces).

Louis Roederer Cristal 2012 Wizard Edition, realized using a special color that change when in the ice, acrylic paint, spray paint and markers

One of One bottle, hand painted in Street Art Style. A unique piece of art for who loves champagne and art.

Each bottle needs aprox 12 work-step to be completed.

This bottle include the original signature, original seal tag and authenticity sticker.

View The Shape on This Bottle In Your Space

Note: Do not leave too much time the bottle in the ice (as is always a piece of art ;-) Any signs or errors are to be considered characteristic signs of a handmade art work