Born In Coney

This Fine Print is the result of some photographs taken by me and reworked with artificial intelligence. Coney Island is a historic place for someone like me who was born between the 70s and 80s. The oldest Luna Park in the world, but also the terminus of the New York subway, the one characterized by colors and graffiti. 


This art print was created with artificial intelligence on an airplane. They are the world's first Artificial Intelligence works created in flight from Milan to New York AND BACK.

The works were initially generated with in-flight software which in some cases required up to 20 generations of elements different and subsequently completed freehand on graphic software by adding additional illustrations, elements, shades, lights and drawings to make the work even more unique.

Each print has the coordinates of the exact point of the flight where it was generated.

The fine prints are hand-signed in the original.

  • Production: 100% Made In Italy
  • Printing technique: Authorized and certified Fine Print
  • Paper: 100% Certified Cotton
  • Size : 35x35 cm (including 5cm white border)
  • Durability: 100 years in museum conditions
  • Paper certificate of authenticity
  • Anti-counterfeiting blockchain certificate of authenticity< /li>
  • Packaging: Teo KayKay Fine Prints tissue paper
  • Shipping: Flat (not rolled)

 Warning: the display suggestion is for indicative purposes only.

The Fine Prints do not include frames and accessories to give the possibility of adapting to the destination environment (home, office, shops, restaurants, etc...)

Box contents

  • Limited edition fine print
  • Personalized protective tissue paper
  • Holographic seal for closure tissue paper
  • Envelope for certificate of authenticity
  • Hand-signed certificate of authenticity
  • Certificate and Blockchain registration
  • Secret geographical map
  • li>
  • Postcard backstage information

By collecting all 8 fine prints of the "from the airplane" collection project you can request the master print for free, a secret fine print created only for those who complete the entire collection and which will not be revealed on social networks (valid only for the first completion).