Exclusive Bundle Kit with Plush and Mini Champagne Laurent Perrier La Cuvée (375ml).

This box contains:

  • 1 Debugging Friend (35cm x 18cm)
  • Champagne Custom Louis Roederer 242 (375ml)
  • Here comes the first Collectible Art Toy made entirely by hand with super soft materials and wear the t-shirt with the phrase by Teo KayKay: "Where The Art Of Bubbles Starts".

    With this first Art Collectible, Teo KayKay wants to bring people back to the fantasy and lightheartedness of when they were children.

    The Debugging Friend is produced in only 100 pieces worldwide.

    The design is signed directly by Teo KayKay and is a representation of the artist carrying a bottle of custom champagne instead of a backpack.

    The Debugging Friend also features a heart and a navel.

    At the Debugging Friend it will also be possible to remove the famous mask always worn by Teo KayKay.

    Warning: The Debugging Friend is not a toy and is not suitable for people under the age of 15.

The name "Debugging Friend" takes its inspiration from the web development technique called "Rubber Duck Debugging" and which sees people solving a problem by talking to a rubber duck demonstrating that sometimes it doesn't take hours of meetings to solve a problem. problem, but just stop and think.

The Debugging Friend wants to be a companion for adventures, for movies on the sofa, for travel by car or plane, for chatting on the desk or an object of art to show off in the living room, a friend who listens to you at all times.

The Debugging Friend is made entirely by hand. Any defects are to be considered characteristics of an entirely manual process.

Soft materials allow you to adjust any deformations caused by packaging.