Teo KayKay Champagne Artist

Teo KayKay, born in 1981 [pronounced Teo KeyKey] is the first Italian Street Artist (he has been painting graffiti since 1996) to mainly paint bottles of champagne and wine and is also the first artist to have combined the world of champagne with NFTs.

he He comes from the world of fashion and today has become the point of reference for the creative direction of limited editions and special projects of champagne, wines and spirits.

he He signed some of the most innovative projects in the world of wines and champagnes.

His works are collected in various cities of the world by people such as: Usher, Lil Pump, Guè Pequeno, Sfera Ebbasta, Bobo Vieri, Gigio Donnarumma, Andrea Petagna, Rudy Zerbi, Raige, Gemelli Diversi and by Hollywood actors such as Stephen Dorff.

Teo KayKay as an artist of customized champagnes holds records such as:

  • Champagne customized with Street Art technique,
  • Champagne Wizards that change color in ice),
  • Champagne Flumus Phantoms that change color in natural light and on which it is possible to draw with a laser which then disappears,
  • Crypto Champagne with NFT art and certificates via blockchain.
  • Certification of physical works on blockchain technology

He has exhibited his works in important international art galleries such as Imago Art Gallery in Lugano and in exhibitions such as: MUDEC MILANO, DO YOU LOVE STREET ART MILAN , BCB BERLIN, FASHION WEEK MILAN and many others.

  • In 2020 he publishes his first catalog "Teo KayKay Catalog - A Kind Of".
  • In 2021 he publishes his second catalog "A Small Collection Of Custom Champagne.
  • In 2022 he publishes his first book "Custom Bottles Book"
  • In 2022 he launches his first Art Collectible: Debugging Friend"

In 2021 he started a sustainability program towards the planet using part of the proceeds to plant trees, support abandoned cats and the children of Dynamo Camp.

he He has also designed and signed some official limited editions for wineries and maisons.

He loves to contaminate the world of luxury with street art using mainly the same tools he has always used such as sprays and markers to remain faithful to the technique and style of graffiti.

His works (all guaranteed by certificates of authenticity) are collected in cities such as: New York, Berlin, Milan, London, Paris, Geneva, Barcelona, Los Angeles and Miami.

His style is instantly recognizable through his characteristic diamonds, his stars, his hearts and his street style.

Teo KayKay collaborates directly with the champagne houses and actively participates in charity activities for abandoned cats.

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