La Storia

Teo KayKay, born in 1981 [pronounced Teo KeyKey] attended the Artistic High School and later the Accademia del Comics in Milan.

During high school he approaches the world of 90s graffiti and continues to follow and experience its evolution.

He works as a colorist for Disney and Warner comics and soon begins to create his first streetwear brand.

In 2013 he collaborated with Emis Killa and Diadora for the creation of limited edition sneakers.

Subsequently he created and patented the first plates for the strings with which he creates the Star Wars collections together with Giochi Preziosi.

He collaborates with the Bata group and AW Lab< /strong> for the creation and launch of accessories for sneakers in retail.

He soon began to cultivate his passion for digital and technology and then combine them in special projects and collaborations.

< p>He will then become the first artist to combine Champagne, Street Art and Technology establishing himself as a point of reference for special collections.

In 2023 he began to explore Artificial Intelligence applied to design and creativity

His works are collected in various cities of the world by people such as: Usher, Lil Pump, Guè Pequeno, Sfera Ebbasta, Bobo Vieri, Gigio Donnarumma, Andrea Petagna, Rudy Zerbi, Raige, Gemelli Diversi and by Hollywood actors such as Stephen Dorff.


  • In 2020 he published his first catalog "Teo KayKay Catalog - A Kind Of".
  • In 2021 he publishes his second catalog "A Small Collection Of Custom Champagne.
  • In 2022 he publishes his first book "Custom Bottles Book"
  • In 2022 he launches his first Art Collectible: Debugging Friend"
  • In 2023 he is the first artist and designer to combine Champagne and Artificial Intelligence and launches the first collection of Fine Prints created in Airplane with Artificial Intelligence