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🎨 Teo KayKay: Master of Art in the World of Campaigns and Design.

Born in 1981, Teo KayKay, known as the first artist and designer in the world of wine, has redefined the concept of creativity in the wine sector.

💡 An Innovator in Wine Design

As a speaker for Forbes magazine and the Polytechnic of Milan is a teacher at renowned Italian academies. Teo KayKay has conquered the wine sector by collaborating with prominent names such as 13 Michelin star chef Enrico Bartolini and renowned wine houses such as Signorvino and Berlucchi.

🌟 From Graffiti to Art on Champagne

🌟 From Graffiti to Art on Champagne

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His artistic journey begins with the graffiti of the 90s and continues through the world of comics and streetwear. His collaborations with Diadora, Emis Killa, and the creation of limited edition sneakers have made him a leading figure in the world of fashion.

 🔮 Union of Art and Technology< /p>

Teo KayKay is at the forefront of using artificial intelligence in design and artistic creation. He was the first to combine champagne and technology, creating unique and personalized works of art.

 🍾 Personalized Champagne on the Front Line

With the creating the first custom champagne, Teo KayKay revolutionized the wine industry. From his first catalogs to his most recent experiments with artificial intelligence, each of his works is a unique and extraordinary experience.

🥂 Exhibitions and Global Successes

His works are acclaimed worldwide and collected by celebrities such as Usher and Stephen Dorff. He regularly exhibits in prestigious places such as the "Art in The Glass Gallery" in Seoul.

🗓 Roadmap

  • In 2016

    🗓 Roadmap

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    • In 2020 he publishes his first catalog "Teo KayKay Catalog - A Kind Of".
    • In 2021 he publishes his second catalog "A Small Collection Of Custom Champagne.
    • In 2022 he publishes his first book "Custom Bottles Book"
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    • In 2022he launches his first collectible Art Toy: “Debugging Friend"
    • In 2023he is the first artist and designer to combine Champagne and Artificial Intelligence and launches the first collection of Fine Prints created on a plane with Artificial Intelligence.
    • In 2023 signs the creative direction for the chef (with 13 Michelin stars) Enrico Bartolini for the MUDEC restaurant and its wine list, transforming it into a work of art.
    • Also in 2023 he creates the "Cyber Cuvée" Champagne together with Pellegrini Spa , the 1st champagne in the world designed with Artificial Intelligence, becomes a speaker on Food and Design for Forbes magazine.
    • In 2024 he exhibits his first personal exhibition of custom champagne at the "Art in The Glass Gallery"
    • Also in 2024 he will take care of the creative direction for the Chinese New Year event of the famous BON WEI restaurant in Milan and become a speaker of the Polytechnic of Milan for the MBA in brand management